Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2022

Oct. 14 - 16, 2022 @ Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

The Seoul International Computer Music Festival is a sound art performance that combines various media such as musical instruments, electronic sounds, videos, and new media, and is held every fall as a differentiated performance that shows new ways and possibilities of harmonizing music and technology. As Asia's first computer music festival, it has grown into a music festival that leads the global trend of computer music with the presentation of high-quality works by active artists at home and abroad until its 29th anniversary this year.
Every year, selected works are presented in a contest for countries around the world, and 15 foreign works and 12 Korean works are performed this year.
This year, Prof. Peter I. Edwards, a professor of composition at the Yong Siew Too Conservatory of Music in Singapore is invited to the festival, will perform 2 electro-acoustic works and will talk about the subject, “The Role of Computing in Current Compositional Pedagogy” as the keynote speaker in the Annual Conference.
We hope that SICMF2022 can strengthen the place of Korea as a field of computer music and can contribute to the advancement and the further progress of computer music in the world.

서울국제컴퓨터음악제는 악기, 전자음향, 영상, 뉴미디어 등의 여러 매체가 어우러지는 소리예술 공연이자, 음악과 테크놀러지가 조화롭게 결합하는 새로운 방식과 가능성을 보여주는 차별화된 공연으로, 매 해 가을에 개최됩니다. 아시아 최초의 컴퓨터음악제로서 1994년 시작되어 올해 29주년을 맞이하기까지 국내외 활발하게 활동하는 예술가들의 수준높은 작품 발표와 함께 전세계 컴퓨터음악의 흐름을 주도하는 음악제로 성장하며 해외의 많은 음악가들이 참여하고 싶은 무대가 되었습니다.
해마다 세계 각국을 대상으로 공모하여 엄선된 작품들이 선보여지는데 올해에는 15개의 외국작품과 12개의 한국작품이 연주됩니다.
특히 올해에는 싱가폴 용슈토 콘서바토리(Yong Siew Too Conservatory of Music) 작곡과 교수인 피터 I. 에드워즈(Peter I. Edwards) 교수가 방한하여, 2곡의 작품 발표와 더불어 “현재의 작곡 교육법에서 컴퓨팅의 역할”이라는 주제로 학술대회 키노트 강연을 하게 됩니다.
이 축제를 통하여 한국 컴퓨터음악의 국제적 위상을 드높이고 세계 컴퓨터음악의 발전과 활성화를 기원합니다.


Oct. 14 (Fri.)

7:30 PM Concert #1

Oct. 15 (Sat.)

10:00 AM Conference #1
2:00 PM Workshop
7:30 PM Concert #2

Oct. 16 (Sun.)

10:00 AM Conference #2
12:10 PM Conference #3
2:20 PM Conference #4
7:30 PM Concert #3

* This schedule may be subject to be changed.


You can download the SICMF program book here.
You can download the conference proceedings here.

SICMF의 프로그램북은 여기서 다운로드 하실 수 있습니다.
컨퍼런스의 자료집은 여기서 다운로드 하실 수 있습니다.

Concert Programs

@ Platform Live (B2), Platform-L Contemporary Art Center (플랫폼엘 컨템포러리 아트센터, 지하2층 플랫폼 라이브)

Concert 1

Fri. Oct. 14 / 7:30 PM

• 버크 야글리 Berk Yagli : “Ideological Distortion” for tape
• 유영주 Youngjoo Jennifer Ryu : “재귀 Recursion” for piano and live electronics
• 김효주 Hyojoo Kim : “In the late night” for tape
• 지아 지운 우 Jia-Jiun Wu : “Evocation” for wacom tablet and live electronics
• 알레시오 로사토 Alessio Rossato : “Caged Structures #4” for tape
• 조예본 Yeabon Jo : “Terminal” for tape
• 조아 페드로 올리베이라 Joao Pedro Oliveira : “Absence-mémoire” for piano, cello and live electronics
• Deborah Kim : “Rhythms of Rain” for tape
• 이병무 Byung-moo Lee : “Dry Glut” for piano and electronics

Concert 2

Sat. Oct. 15 / 7:30 PM

• 래리 깁슨 Larry M Gaab : “System Flummox” for tape
• 송향숙 Hyang-sook Song : “Inner voice” for string quartet and live electronics
• 신예훈 Yehun-Shin : “Non-Objective Composition” for audio visual
• 조나단 윌슨 Jonathan Wilson : “Epoxylips” for tarogato and live electronics
• 박재록 Jerok-Park : “COVID-19 Anthem” for audio visual
• 고휘 Kohui : “Composition for Objective Sound” for audio visual
• 마시모 아반타지아토 Massimo Avantaggiato : “A NAZAIRE” for tape
• 오예민 Yemin-Oh : “Ironic Sounds” for one drummer, live video and electronics
• 티모시 모이어스 Timothy Moyers : “Golden Cuttlefish” for audio visual
• 마라 헬무스 Mara Helmuth : “Sound Dunes” for tarogato and live electronics

Concert 3

Sun. Oct. 16 / 7:30 PM

• 피터 에드워즈 Peter Edwards : 8채널 테잎을 위한 “In Memoriam UMilk”
• 조영미 Youngmi-Cho : “정과정(鄭瓜亭) (Jeong-Gwa-Jeong)” for deaguem, gayageum, and electronics
• 아담 스타노빅 Adam Stanovic : “Baltazar's Adventure through the Great Machine” for tape
• 양민석 Minsuk Yang : “Surge” for flute and live electronics
• 신성아 Seongah-Shin : “restless” for audio visual
• 조 린 Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Lin : Music from Metaverse: 3D Illusory Immersive Soundscape “The Spirit of the Giant Tree”
• 존 깁슨 John Gibson : “edgewater” audio visual
• 피터 에드워즈 Peter Edwards : “Ssoonro” for bassoon and electronics

Conference & Workshop

@ PLATFORM-L Lecture Room (F4)

For complete information, please visit KEAMSAC page.
자세한 정보는 KEAMSAC 페이지를 참조하세요.

Conference D1

Sat. Oct. 15 / 10:30 AM ~ 4:00 PM

Session #1
10:30 AM ~ 12:50 PM

• Richard Dudas (리차드 두다스) : Opening Greetings
• Peter Ivan Edwards (피터 이반 에드워즈) : [Keynote Speech] Situating Computing at the Center of Compositional Pedagogy: An Argument
• Caroline Owen (캐롤라인 오웬) : Badie Khaleghian’s Electric Sky Blue (2022): A Multidisciplinary Work for Piano, Dance, and Interactive Intermedia
• Pablo Dodero (파블로 도데로) : Translanguaging in Mexican Electronic Music Instrument Designers

Session #2: Workshop
2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM

• Mara Helmuth (마라 헬무트)/ Esther Lamneck (에스더 램네크) : Tárogató and Computer Music: The Hungarian Tárogató in Collaborative Composition

Conference D2

Sun. Oct. 16 / 10:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM

Session #3
10:00 AM ~ 11:40 AM

• Nolan Hildebrand (놀란 힐데브란트) : Computer Aided Composition, Timbral Synthesis, & Electro-Acoustic Super-Instruments: An Exploration of Heaviness in Electro-Acoustic Chamber Music
• Michael Lukaszuk (마이클 루카스주크) : Generative Music and Instrumentality
• Sangbin Patrick Rhie (이상빈) : Interpreting the output signal of non-linear transfer function system based on power function

Session #4
12:10 PM ~ 1:50 PM

• Masafumi Oda (마사후미 오다) : Generating sounds by using Simplex noise algorithm
• Alejandro Casales Navarette (알레한드로 카잘레스 나바레테) : Approaching to immersive sound perception through the ekphrasis
• Max Schaffer (막스 셰퍼): lulu10tacles & the Monstrous Multitudes of Digital Trans Embodiment

Session #5
2:20 PM ~ 4:00 PM

• Garrett Eckl (가렛 에클) : EZDSP: From Production to Programming
• Emiliano Del Cerro (에밀리아노 델 체로) : Computer Aided Composition: Broken Cane
• Massimo Vito Avantaggiato (마시모 비토 아반타지아토) : Some Considerations around time in Electro-acoustic music


Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

All the concerts, conference, and workshop will take place in Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

More information on Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

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플랫폼엘 컨템포러리 아트센터에 대한 정보


Please email us if you want to buy tickets.

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Organized by

Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society (KEAMS)

Supported by

Art Council Korea

Cooperated by

Computer Music Lab at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul National University of Education, Chugye University for the Arts, Electro-acoustic Music Institute at Hanyang University, Center for Arts and Technologies at Seoul National University

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Call for works

The 'call for works' page can be found here. This was for this year's festival, and the call for works for next year may be different.






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