Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2019

Oct. 10 - 13, 2019 @ Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

Seoul International Computer Music Festival(SICMF) is a sonic-art performance embracing musical instruments, electronics, audiovisuals, multimedia, etc. as well as a special event showing new approaches and possibilities to combine music with technology finely, opening every autumn in Seoul. From starting in 1994 as the first computer music festival in Asia to its 26th festival this year, SICMF played about a thousand of high-end works and has grown as the major stage leading the global computer music trend.
A number of works from all over the world are applied every year and carefully selected for the festival. This year's concerts will perform 34 foreign works and 13 Korean works. Particularly, a highly-praised and active team in Germany, Stuttgart contemporary music group S.K.A.M. is invited for our valuable opportunities of international exchange. We hope that SICMF2019 can strengthen the place of Korea in the field of computer music and can contribute to the advancement and the further progress of computer music in the world.

서울국제컴퓨터음악제는 악기, 전자음향, 영상, 뉴미디어 등의 여러 매체가 어우러지는 소리예술 공연이자, 음악과 테크놀러지가 조화롭게 결합하는 새로운 방식과 가능성을 보여주는 차별화된 공연으로, 매 해 가을에 개최됩니다. 아시아 최초의 컴퓨터음악제로서 1994년 시작되어 올해 26주년을 맞이하기까지 국내외 활발하게 활동하는 예술가들의 수준높은 작품 발표와 함께 전세계 컴퓨터음악의 흐름을 주도하는 음악제로 성장하며 해외의 많은 음악가들이 참여하고 싶은 무대가 되었습니다.
해마다 세계 각국을 대상으로 공모하여 엄선된 작품들이 선보여지는데 올해에는 34개의 외국작품과 13개의 한국작품이 연주됩니다. 특별히 독일에서 높이 평가받으며 왕성하게 활동중인 스투트가르트 현대음악단체 스캠(S.K.A.M)을 초청하여 국제교류의 기회를 마련함으로써 한국 컴퓨터음악의 국제적 위상을 드높이고 세계 컴퓨터음악의 발전과 활성화를 기원하며 이 음악제를 개최합니다.


Oct. 10 (Thu.)

7:30 PM Concert #1

Oct. 11 (Fri.)

4:00 PM Concert #2
7:30 PM Concert #3

Oct. 12 (Sat.)

10:00 AM Conference #1
4:00 PM Concert #4
7:30 PM Concert #5

Oct. 13 (Sun.)

10:00 AM Conference #2
1:00 PM Workshop
4:00 PM Concert #6
7:30 PM Concert #7

* This schedule may be subject to be changed.

Concert Programs

@ Platform Live (B2), Platform-L Contemporary Art Center (플랫폼엘 컨템포러리 아트센터, 지하2층 플랫폼 라이브)

Concert 1

Thu. Oct. 10 / 7:30 PM

• Maxime Mantovani : “Aux âmes” for vibraphone, live-electronics and 4-ch tape
• 양민석 (Minsuk Yang) : “Alice’s mom in the wonderland kitchen” for 6-ch tape
• Diego Ratto : “KOM” for tape
• Jeffrey Stolet : “I’mPossible” for 4ch live-electronics
• Massimo Vito Avantaggiato : “ET ERIT LUX LUNAE SICUT LUX SOLIS” for tape
• 정주희 (Juhee Chung) : “The birth of heobeok 허벅의 탄생 (옹기의 숨결 中)” for 4-ch tape

Concert 2

Fri. Oct. 11 / 4:00 PM

• Jon Christopher Nelson : “When Left To His Own Devices” for tape
• Parsa MohammadiNejadShomali : “Breathe” for 4-ch tape
• Robert McClure : “in excess” for 8-ch tape
• Marc Vilanova : “Aresta” for sound installation
• Pinda Ho : “Parle Do I” for 5-ch tape

Concert 3

Fri. Oct. 11 / 7:30 PM

• 이원우 (WonWoo Lee) : “Micro Layers” for haegeum and electronics
• 유현진 (Hyun-jin Yoo) : “Essential sound” for geomungo and live-electronics
• 남상봉 (Sangbong Nam) : “Fine Particle::Wave (미세입자::파동)” for piri and live electronics
• Butch Rovan : “of the survival of images” for live-electronics and visual media
• Neil Rolnick : “Messages” for live-electronics

Concert 4

Sat. Oct. 12 / 4:00 PM

• 조영재 (Youngjae Cho) : “Splitter” for 4-ch tape
• Hsien-Te Hsieh : “Impressions of Chinese Opera” for tape
• Robert Scott Thompson : “Nullius in Verba” for tape
• Giulio Colangelo : “ORGANISMO APERTO No.3” for 4-ch tape
• Hiromu Takano : “Redundancy and Sign” for 8-ch tape
• Karl F. Gerber : “Year Seven (of a work in progress)” for Violinautomat
• Karl F. Gerber : Installation for Violinautomat

Concert 5 - SKAM Concert

Sat. Oct. 12 / 7:30 PM

• Nikola Lutz : “Terra australis incognita I” for 4-ch tape and ensemble of improvisers
• 조진옥 (Jinok Cho) : “Flux” for viola and live-processing
• Remmy Canedo : “ROT47” code composition for saxophone, viola and live electronics
• Bernhard Lang : “DW9 II. double/puppe” for voice and keyboard
• Nikola Lutz : “The Darkroom of the Map” for 4-ch tape, live electronics, keyboard, viola, saxophone and voice
• 오예민 (Yemin Oh) : “Time Discontinuum No.2” for saxophone, live video and electronics
• Sophie Pope : “Noise Pollution III - Street Vendors” for tárogató, viola and tape
• 조영미 (Youngmi Cho) : “Dharani 다라니(陀羅尼)” for soprano, e-piano and 4-ch live electronics

Concert 6

Sun. Oct. 13 / 4:00 PM

• Austin Yip : “City Beats” for harpsichord and 4-ch electronics and video
• Yu Chung Tseng : “Metascape iii- the Inner Soundscape of Guzheng” for tape
• 김자현 (Jahyun Kim) : “Memory in Estonia (에스토니아에서의 추억)” for tape
• Jay Afrisando : “Ungklang-Angklung” for 8-ch tape
• Rodney Waschka II : “A Portrait of Larry Austin” for 8-ch tape
• 박선유 (Sun-you Park) : “LOOK” for audiovisual media
• Kyohei Hayashi : “Iris Mugen Sky” for tape
• Yng-Torng Kuo : “Horology” for tape

Concert 7

Sun. Oct. 13 / 7:30 PM

• Curtis Roads : “Always(2011-2013)” for audio visual media
• Curtis Roads : “Epicurus(2010)” for audio visual media
• Xiao Hu : “Fantasy Scene” for alto flute and electronics
• Fernando Egido : “Homo Homini Lupus” for live-electronics
• 전현석 (Hyunsuk Jun) : “Toccata” for solo piano and live-electronics
• Clemens von Reusner : “Anamorphosis” for 8-ch tape
• 김태희 (Taehi Kim) : “Celestial Voyage” for harp and 8-ch live electronics

Conference & Workshop

@ Lecture Room (F4), Platform-L Contemporary Art Center (플랫폼엘 컨템포러리 아트센터 4층 렉처룸)

For complete information, please donwload this PDF.
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Conference #1

Sat. Oct. 12 / 10:00 AM ~ 3:00 PM

• Curtis Roads : “Keynote Speech”
• Fernando Egido : “Using Probability Distribution Follower in MAS works”
• Xiyue Zhang : “New Media Music Theatre Phenomenon: Take Alexander Schubert Star Me Kitten as Example”
• Mauricio Rodriguez : “Numeric Parser for Symbolic Representation of Rhythm”
• Minjie Lu, Xiao Hu, Yanmin Han : “Creation and Practice of Fantasy Scene Music Theater of Chinese Traditional Instruments and Electronic Music”
• PerMagnus Lindborg : “Listening to 9 Beet Stretch: Reflections on the Very Long and the Very Short”

Conference #2

Sun. Oct. 13 / 10:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM

• Eddie Jonathan Garcia Borbon : “Automated Harmonic Universes”
• Sijie Li : “Design Relationship Between Electronic Sounds and Instrument in Mixed Electronic Music: Take Electronic Music Composition for Solo Instrument as Example”
• Myungin Lee : “A Multi-User Interactive Instrument in the 3D Space Using the Gesture of Smartphones”


Sun. Oct. 13 / 1:00 PM ~ 3:00 PM

• Taegyun Kwon : “Play Piano with Neural Net: Introduction to Magentad”


Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

All the concerts, conference, and workshop will take place in Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

More information on Platform-L Contemporary Art Center

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