Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2018

Sep. 27 - Sep. 30, 2018 @ Jayu Theater, Seoul Arts Center

This year marked 25th anniversary of KEAMS(Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society) founded in 1993. 25 years ago, Korean composers and scholars who had been passionate on 'electroacoustic music' were gathered, and founded this society in the time when the word was even unfamiliar to public. Next year, we opened the first Korean computer music festival with collected audio equipment and devices from each schools and individuals. Since the festival were extended and reborn internationally in 2000, SICMF continues to represent KEAMS until now.
Composers pursue novelty and creativity especially in electroacoustic music. We are already in 21st century when new technology and steep development of science push us not to stay still in the past. Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Autonomous Driving are not unacquainted words anymore, and it is about to come into our life. Some might feel a sense of crisis from it, but we, artists and composers, should explore new artistic ideals with it, which will be great chance to begin new era of art.
With a humble announcement of 25th anniversary, we wish you can catch a glimpse of the new musical art of new era during SICMF this year.

1993년 창립한 한국전자음악협회는 올해로 사반세기, 25주년을 맞이합니다. 25년 전 전자음악이 생소한 시절 뜻있는 사람들이 모여 한국전자음악협회를 시작했고 그 다음해에 십시일반으로 장비를 모아 첫 컴퓨터음악제를 열었습니다. 2000년 새천년을 시작으로 서울국제컴퓨터음악제로 거듭나 오늘에 이르게 되었습니다.
일반 음악도 마찬가지지만 특히 전자음악에서는 열린 마음으로 항상 새로움을 추구합니다. 21세기를 훌쩍 뛰어넘은 현재는 과학기술발전이 너무 급속도로 발전하고 있어 우리를 과거에 안주하지 못하게 만들고 있습니다. 빅데이터와 인공지능, 가상현실, 로봇, 자율주행 자동차 등의 말이 이제는 생소하지 않고 우리 생활 속에 뛰어들고 있습니다. 어떤 사람들에게는 급변하는 이런 현상에 위기감을 느끼기도 하지만 우리 예술가들에게는 새로운 환경에 새로운 도구를 갖고 새로운 이상을 펼칠 기회가 열리고 있는 중이라고 생각합니다.
조용하게 맞는 25주년의 한국전자음악협회의 서울국제컴퓨터음악제에서 미래에 펼쳐질 새로운 음향예술세계를 엿볼 수 있는 기회를 맞이하시기를 바랍니다.


Sep. 27 (Thu.)

7:30 PM Concert #1

Sep. 28 (Fri.)

1:30 PM Workshop #1
4:00 PM Workshop #2
7:30 PM Concert #2

Sep. 29 (Sat.)

1:20 PM Conference #1
7:30 PM Concert #3

Sep. 30 (Sun.)

1:20 PM Conference #2
4:00 PM Workshop #3
7:30 PM Concert #4

* This schedule may be subject to be changed.

Concert Programs

Concert 1

Thu. Sep. 27 / 7:30 PM @ Jayu Theater

• Jullian Hoff : “Verklärter Rohr” for bass clarinet, live electronics and generative video
• 임영진 (Youngjin Lim) : “The Anointment” for tape
• 박재영 (Jaeyoung Elsa Park) : “Dysthymia” for tape
• 한민창 (Minchang Han) : “Unawakened Routine of a Salaryman” for tape
• 김자현 (Jahyun Kim) : “Video Fuga #03” for violin, live-electronics and video
• Joshua Biggs : “splat” for tape
• 김효주 (Hyojoo Kim) : “Between B and D” for tape
• 강중훈 (Joong-Hoon Kang) : “Hidden Voices No.2” for 4ch audio

Concert 2

Fri. Sep. 28 / 7:30 PM @ Jayu Theater

• Juan Carlos Vasquez : “A Chinese Triptych” for tape
• Weilu Ge : “Innerhearing” for 4ch audio-visual media
• Orestis Zafeiriou : “An attempt to reconstruct” for 8ch tape
• 양민석 (Minsuk Yang) : “Flux” for piano and 4ch live electronics
• 유도원 (Do-Won Yu) : “Beyond the Blurred Memories” for flute, piano and live electronics
• 김청은 (Chung Eun Kim) : “Piano Forte” for 5.1ch tape
• Jorge García del Valle Méndez : “Paysages urbains” for horn and tape
• Tim Reed : “…the irresistible will of heaven…” for tape

Concert 3

Sat. Sep. 29 / 7:30 PM @ Jayu Theater

• Peter Gahn : “De-escalating Skies I+III” for alto saxophone and 8ch live electronics
• Zuriñef Gerenabarrena : “FYR” for 4ch tape
• 홍이화 (Ehwa Hong) : “The Blue Line” for oboe and 4ch tape
• Jason Bolte : “AridFlow” for tape
• 박순영 (Soon-young Park) : “너울짓(Neoul-Zit) II” for flute, gayageum and live electronics
• 이원 (Won Lee) : “Cut Off” for tape
• 장대훈 (Daehoon Jang) : “Ritual for Rain(기우제)” for choreography and 5ch tape
• 박태홍 (Tae Hong Park) : “Aboji(아버지)” for tape

Concert 4

Sun. Sep. 30 / 7:30 PM @ Jayu Theater

• Remmy Canedo : “Multiverse” for bass clarinet and 8ch live electronics
• 김범기 (Bum Ki Kim) : “The sound of wind” for viola solo and live-electronics
• 이사우 (Sa Woo Lee) : “D” for tape
• João Pedro Oliveira : “Neshamah” for audio-visual media
• Edmar Soria : “Vortex Flow” for 8ch tape
• Christopher Poovey : “2 Strands” for oboe, bass clarinet and 8ch live electronics
• 정종열 (Jong Yeoul Chong) : “Card Game 2” for violoncello and live electronics
• Austin Yip : “Miles Upon Miles” for violin and electronics
• Lee Yi Wei Angus : “Étude en mélancolie” for viola and tape

Conference & Workshops

@ Mugunghwa Hall, Opera House F1, Seoul Arts Center (예술의전당 오페라하우스1층 무궁화홀)

For complete information, please donwload this PDF. (English)
자세한 정보는 다음 PDF 파일을 다운로드 하세요. (Korean)


Live Electronics with Modern Csound (최신 Csound의 라이브 전자음악) - Joachim Heintz

• Fri. Sep. 28 / 1:30 PM ~ 4:00PM : “I. Introduction into modern Csound”
• Fri. Sep. 28 / 4:00 PM ~ 6:00PM : “II. Real-time Interaction with MIDI, OSC, and GUI”
• Sun. Sep. 30 / 4:00 PM ~ 6:00PM : “III. Building an own instrument for live electronics”

Conference #1

Sat. Sep. 29 / 1:20 PM ~ 6:00 PM

• Tae Hong Park : “Keynote Speech: M3: Music | Media | Machine”
• PerMagnus Lindborg : “Ars Musica, Ars Informatica: How do we listen to sonification?”
• You-Kyoung Kim : “Communication and Solution”
• Geonjoo Kim : “Case Study: Clarinet and Electro-Acousic Music”
• Youngsun Kim : “A Study on the Changes of the Acoustic Sounds in Donoung Lee's Butterfly Effect(2015)”
• Soon-young Park : “A Study about How to Make Performance from Interactive Audio-visual Installation”
• Taegyun Kwon : “Computer System for Generating Expressive Performance”

Conference #2

Sun. Sep. 30 / 1:20 PM ~ 4:00 PM

• Joo Won Park : “Analysis of DualShock 4 as a Musical Instrument”
• Tao Li : “Text Painting as a Vehicle for Narrative in Contemporary Electroacoustic Composition”
• Peter Gahn : “With Borrowed View: Artistic Research in Urban Soundscapes as Inspiration and Source for Compositions”
• Kevin Parks : “Electroacoustic Music and the Body”


Jayu Theater & Mugunghwa Hall in Seoul Arts Center

All the concerts will take place in Jayu Theater, which is one of three theaters in Opera House, Seoul Arts Center.

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Organized by

Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society(KEAMS), Asia Culture Center

Supported by

Art Council Korea

Cooperated by

Center for Arts and Technologies at Seoul National University, Computer Music Labs at Korea National University of Arts, Chugye University for the Arts, Center for Research of Electroacoustic Music and New Music at Hanyang University








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