About Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2010

The Seoul International Computer Music Festival, one of the biggest electro-acoustic music festivals in Asia, is in its 17th year. We had approximately 200 submissions this year, from which 22 works were chosen for presentation.
It is an understatement to say that the development of computers and music technology has extended the scope of our imagination. There are many ongoing research activities to develop new electronic instruments, multimedia-based works, and the resulting wealth of diversity of genres seems to also reflect the exciting period in which we are currently fortunate enough to live. You will be able to experience this trend in newly created computer music works in SICMF.

The special guest is Ensemble Aventure one of the oldest and best ensembles in Europe founded in Freiburg, Germany in 1986. Martina Roth(Flute), Walter Ifrim(Clarinet), and Thomas Wagner(Bass Trombone and Tuba) will join us to perform the works of Luigi Nono, Richard Dudas, Young-Mee Lymn, Roland Breitenfeld, and Donoung Lee.

SICMF 2010 :: Program

Sep. 2nd (Thu.)
Concert 1
pm 7:30
Jayu Theatre
David Berezan : Nijo
Jeho Yoon : "Memory" for Violin, Violoncello and live electronics
Byung-moo Lee : "Elastomer ver.3" for Tape
EunJin Kim : "Silence of the Longing" for Daegeum, Gayageum, Ajaeng and Tape
Manuella Blackburn : Karita oto (Borrowed Sound) Part 1
Chikashi Miyama : Piano Chimera
Mi-Jung Kim : "Spirit's Sound" for Haegeum and live-electronics

Sep. 3rd (Fri.)
Seminar 1
pm 3:00
KNUA (Seocho-dong) #402 Computer Music Studio
Cort Lippe
Real-time Interactivity : Musical expressiveness amongst instrumentalists and machines

Concert 2
pm 7:30
Jayu Theatre
Clemens von Reusner : BRNK
John Croft : "...ne l'aura che trema"
Joonghun Kang : Chime II
Jason Bolte : Noises Everywhere
Francis Dhomont : Sisyphe
Eunhwa Lee : "Rattling sound" for computer generated music
Juan José Eslava : "Under Construction" for classic guitar and electronics

Sep. 4th (Sat.)
Seminar 2
pm 3:00
KNUA (Seocho-dong) #402 Computer Music Studio
Juan José Eslava
Gesture's involvement in the compositional processes of “Under Construction” and “Senderos de la risa”

Concert 3
pm 7:30
Jayu Theatre
Jonas Foerster : Echoes of Urban Life
Konstantinos Karanthanasis : Dionysus
Jin Ok Jo : CoCo-III
Marie-Hélène Bernard : Les ailes du phénix
Ge-Suk Yeo : Time Sculptures III
Adam Basanta : a glass is not a glass(mov I to VI)
Cort Lippe : Music for Snare Drum and Computer

Sep. 5th (Sun.)
Concert 4
pm 7:30
Jayu Theatre

Ensemble Aventure Special Concert
Luigi Nono : "Post-Prae-Ludium >Donau<" for tuba & live-electronics
Richard Dudas : "Prelude and Fantasy" for alto flute & computer
Young-Mee Lymn : "Whisper" for clarinet / bass-clarinet & electronics
Roland Breitenfeld : "Moments of Darkness" for bass-trombone & electronics
Donoung Lee : "Amusement" for flute, clarinet & live-electronics
Luigi Nono : "Ommagio a Kurtag" for alto, flute, clarinet, tuba & live-electronics

* This program may be subject to change.